Отель "все включено" Пафос

URL: louisphaethonbeach.com

Company, organization: LOUIS PHAETHON BEACH

Registered Offices:


Aphrodite Avenue, Geroskipou 22,

8204 Pafos - Cyprus

Tel.: +35726964600

Fax: +35726964666


EU VAT number: 10011553 X

Purpose of site: Promotion of the establishment

Director of publication, legal representative: M. Popi Tanta

Editorial Manager: Ms. Claire Michael

Web master, design, editing, artistic direction: SAS WIHP

Photography: SAS WIHP

Web hosting: SAS WIHP

President SAS WIHP: Vincent Ramelli

The site presents:

● Informative content

● A collection of personal data on line

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